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Film is our life and it means everything to us.  If there was anything we wanted to do more than make film and wonderful art we would have no idea what it could be.  The only thing that motivates us is getting out of bed every day to the realization that today we get to make something wonderful. It has been a passion that all of us has come to realize is an intricate part of our lives. Each film, photograph or work of art that we make is more of our souls that we show the world. We want the world to watch, enjoy and revel at our creations.  Everything we have goes into making everything we do come to life with the hopes of changing lives. When you see what we have created we are anxiously awaiting your reaction, for every time someone honestly tells us that what we have made is good or bad we know that we have made it our life to bring the best to our audience.  Every day we work hard to make what we do the best with no holding back. Love is what we have for our audience, we hope that love is what they feel for us. If you are entertained we have done our job, if you aren’t we will keep trying to entertain you every

Our CEO, Paul G Newton, has given us a mandate to only make content that uses every ounce of our artistic abilities.  Unlike other companies that only fulfill the request of the client, producer or director without any deviation from the "script".  Figmeister Studios is committed to engage the artist in every one of its employees and contractors.


This means that we turn down work that does not allow for the artistic expression of the studio or the individual team.  This Unconventional thinking is the backbone of our ethos and the one thing that guarantees our work is the best we can deliver, every time.

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